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Birds game

Started by avcaballero, July 10, 2022, 08:26:36 AM

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Hi. Another step:

I have reduced the ball by several percentages to simulate its distance when we throw it. The path followed by the ball is a parabolic shot, with an initial speed of 20m/s and an angle of 60ยบ. The result is that it initially goes up slightly and then goes down until it reaches a certain point, where it disappears.

Only one ball can be thrown at a time. At the moment, the ball does not hit any bird. That will be the next step.

A pending task would be to discolor the bitmap when we reduce it to give a better sense of depth. Although it wouldn't be difficult to do, I don't know I will do it, because I'm starting to get bored of this game.

Each time the ball crosses a layer a rearrangement should be made so that the birds and the ball appear in front or behind, where appropriate. But the ordering method that I have implemented is somewhat slow and perhaps not worth it, considering that every time a new bird is created a sort is executed.


I have added a few things:

- A little scoring system at the top left, that I don't like much, so I will change it for another.
- Sounds for throwing the ball and when hit a bird.
- The collision test is not working very well yet.