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Conspiracy theories can be dangerous

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In a crazy World, logical thinkers are very dangerous people!  :bgrin:

UNESCO says it is seriously concerned about the increase in 'disinformation' and 'conspiracy theories'. “Conspiracy theories can be dangerous,” the UN agency warns.
“Often they ignore scientific evidence and polarize society with dire consequences. This has to stop."

The director-general of UNESCO says that conspiracy theories can "damage people, their health".
“They reinforce misconceptions about the pandemic, reinforcing stereotypes that can fuel violence and violent, extremist ideologies,” said Audrey Azoulay.

The UN agency has launched a real campaign to help people recognize, debunk and report (!) conspiracy theories (!) to prevent them from spreading further.

Yes really.  :bgrin:

This campaign is being carried out in collaboration with the European Commission, Twitter and the World Jewish Congress.
The UN has created a toolkit to "debunk" anyone who dares to claim that governments are not fair and transparent.
The UN also warns that George Soros, the Rothschilds and Israel should not be linked to “alleged conspiracies.”
World events "are not secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful players with evil intentions," the UN claims.

And if you come across someone who thinks the world elite is plotting to consolidate power or direct events, then you need to take action!
According to the UN agency, if you run into a conspiracy theorist, under no circumstances should you enter into a discussion.
The conspiracy theorist will say 'that you are part of the conspiracy and strengthen that belief'.
In addition, the conspiracy theorist will "probably defend his or her ideas fervently."
That is of course out of the question.

Instead, you should "show empathy", "don't ridicule" the conspiracy theorist, and if you're a journalist, you should "report" him or her on social media and "contact your local or national press council or ombudsman."

So you know:
UN declares war on 'dangerous' conspiracy theories: 'World is not secretly run by elites'  :badgrin:

The WEF wants us to work less - they portray Italy as a paradise for lazy people, and the Netherlands as a mediocre country where people work too much (pig farmers included). This is a dangerous conspiration theory, where can I signal it to the authorities?


> they portray Italy as a paradise for lazy people, and the Netherlands as a mediocre country where people work too much.

That's not a conspiracy theory, just your interpretation.

BTW, Italy received 70 billion euros as a gift, of which 4 billion from the Netherlands. Because of corona.
Now they are renovating their houses with our money.  :thdn:

Hi Marinus,

Sounds like they are trying to establish the "Ministry Of Truth" where those in authority know all things and control thought on the basis of their infallibility. Now where have I heard this before ? If you have a good grasp of the middle ages Catholic church history, you could come close to an authoritarian structure of this type but then that style of thought control came unstuck in subsequent generations of enlightenment and the modern Catholic church is a far more moderate institution than from times past.

Now it would appear that some of nominal Jewish persuasion are trying to take up the mantle of thought control. This is evident with the interests that Marinus has mentioned, George Soros, the Rothschilds and Israel. One can only wonder who'se interests are being served with such attempts at thought control.

Lets look at a recent conspiracy theory, we know that George W Bush and Colin Powell always spoke the truth when it came to those weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein had available because they were people in positions of authority but the same weapons of mass destruction have persistently managed to keep hiding from anyone who went looking for them.

With the last 80 years of reported UFO sightings, you have conspiracy theories ranging from smart weather balloons capable of causing mass hallucinations that fooled a wide range of people and a whole range of cock and bull stories about how people were fooled by lighting conditions.

When whichever group succeeds in thought control, you will be able to hear things like - Babies are delivered by the stork at midnight, the moon is made of Swiss cheese, politician always speak truthfully and worse, you will have nothing and be happy (about being cold, hungry, expendable etc etc etc ....).  :tongue:

> debunk and report (!) conspiracy theories

Neighbors can report anonymously, even your children, to be a good citizen. This has already been seen in totalitarian regimes.

Suppose there were harmful conspiracy theories, this should be fought with information and openness, never persecution, if we want to live in a free and democratic society.

> Italy as a paradise for lazy people, and the Netherlands as a mediocre country

The truth is that the countries of southern Europe are bankrupt and live exclusively by issuing debt bought by the ECB. This means that the countries of northern Europe, with better economies, are who are buying our debt, we are socializing throughout Europe the waste of the south. They are keeping us from our standard of living.

I am surprised to see how we have reached this situation in southern Europe, being heirs to the Greco-Roman culture. When northern Europe was a barbarian people, democracy, mathematics, architecture, philosophy already existed in Greece... Really, jj, what has happened to us? I think that in the south we could contribute much more to Europe if we ever get rid of the populists who submit the people to the state in exchange for a small payment.


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