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Demo of ROP2 operators

Started by NoCforMe, July 20, 2022, 11:25:40 AM

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Wrote a little ditty ("song" for non-English spkrs. here) in the form of a Win32 program that demonstrates what all the rop2 parameters of the SetROP2() function actually do. (I did this because of my own ignorance in this area. Nothing like a picture to beat 10K words!)

Try changing colors and see what happens. Looks to me like R2_NOTXORPEN is the mode you'd want to use if you want to draw something, say a window border, and then erase it back to the original screen colors by redrawing the same thing over it.

This li'l program demonstrates my dumbass "fake dialog" method where you just create everything by hand (AKA "resource compiler? what's that?"). Thank heavens for WinSpy++ to tweak and adjust things to fit.

Lessons learnt here:

  • Using SetROP2(), natch
  • Creating "geometric" pens (rather than simpler "cosmetic" ones) using ExtCreatePen()
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works on Wine 32 bit too .. didnt check every option but did check a few.. very good well done
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   Seems to work with Windows 2000.


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Quote from: rsala on July 30, 2022, 09:10:45 PM
Works on win11

No reason it shouldn't. Everything in there is legacy stuff that Micro$oft will support until the end of time.
Assembly language programming should be fun. That's why I do it.


Yes, that's right, and the same is applicable to Win8/8.1/10.
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