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Yesterday I was working in another room and I noticed that the box with the Apache server was trying to load the OS. I could access the BIOS and all was well, tried to run the repair from an install usb disk and it would not work so I ended up installing win10 again on an old 2 tb hdd that I had plugged into an empty slot in the box. Got it up and going and the two partitions on the original boot NVMe drive worked perfectly.

Seems that one of the auto updates did not recognise the NVMe drive correctly and refused to boot from it claiming it was a MBR format drive that was not supported. With some drive renaming I have got all of the other partitions back in the right place but have to either re-configure all of the software for the latest install of the OS or try and get it to boot of the original boot NVMe partition. (mutter, expletives etc ....)

Remember what you said the other day regarding Windows 10? That “…. you get used to it” or something to that effect.   :tongue:
In all seriousness though, sorry to hear about that.

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Here it is…

--- Quote from: hutch-- on August 11, 2022, 01:56:05 PM ---Win 10 is one of those things that if you suffer it for long enough, you get used to it.
--- End quote ---


I have got most of the ordinary stuff up and running as all of the other disks and partitions weere uneffected but the real pain is I will probably have to reinstall the Apache server software. Never seen this stuffup before, the NVMe drive works perfectly so its a Microsoft mystery.  :tongue:


--- Quote from: hutch-- on August 12, 2022, 11:46:57 AM ---(mutter, expletives etc ....)

--- End quote ---

I am with you, but can you elaborate further, please?



You may not be robust enough for historical Australian dialogue.  :tongue:

I am pissed off in that I configured the box faultlessly, carefully tuned it and then set it up as my Apache server. As it was only the boot drive effected, the rest of the box had everything else in place and both partitions on the drive that would not start work perfectly after the reinstall.


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