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CodeEdit code editor Advanced Version

Started by hutch--, December 15, 2022, 07:52:49 PM

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This is an advanced version of the editor posted in the Showcase sub forum. It comes with a dedicated DLL that adds menus to the main menu bar and also appends additional menu items to the default resource menu. A number of functions have been removed from the editor and put into the DLL and the editor has had "Merge Text" capacity added to the file menu.

The DLL subclasses the main window and performs the DLL based menu processing in that subclass. As the DLL has access to the main window component handles, you can do just about anything with the DLL, dialogs, other apps contained in the DLL or even additional toolbar buttons for DLL algorithms.

Just be aware that while CodeEdit is robust and reliable, you can make a mess of it with direct access from the DLL.


Attached is a script for creating the plugin format for CodeEdit.exe. It produces a DLL that can be called directly from CodeEdit.exe as long as you name it "cplugin.dll".

If you want to use another name, you will need to change the name of the DLL in the CodeEdit source code.

Simply unzip it and copy the script "CodeEditPI.qse" into the script directory and it can be called directly from CodeEdit or QE.

Note that its DLL calling format is different to either QE or teditor, it is dedicated to CodeEdit.