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Hi from Hutch

Started by hutch--, March 31, 2023, 05:55:10 PM

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If he has access to his email, he has access to the forum, too

I wonder if it makes sense to call the hospital:


Quote"Not sure how much longer I am a prisoner here but I guess all things come to an end eventually."
we'r very worry.
i hope Hutch will restore good health as soon as possible.
Say you, Say me, Say the codes together for ever.


good news, hutch checked in this forum today    :smiley:
get well soon hutch  :biggrin:


That's very good news. I will be very happy when Hutch is fully active again.
You have to know the facts before you can distort them.


I'm praying to you sir Hutch.
Get well soon.
I'd rather be this ambulant metamorphosis than to have that old opinion about everything


Hi Hutch,

We are missing you.


Hi Hutch, I hope you are back on your feet soon and we hear from you again.
Creative coders use backward thinking techniques as a strategy.


Welcome back! Hutch, I wish you the best health!



Very sad to report the news but I am reliably informed that Hutch passed away last night. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago. He did return home briefly from hospital but was soon readmitted and spent his last days back there in their care. Steve will be greatly missed in the street by all his friends and neighbours. He really was part of the Surry Hills landscape. I believe his mother had lived in the house before him so even those of us who are approaching 20 years as residents felt like relative newcomers. He would regularly wander up and down our quiet street to give his eyes a rest from programming. Hopefully someone has access to his files so the community he built here can continue but I am not really across that. RIP Steve, Richard


May the source be with you


Deeply mourn Mr. Hutch!
We will always remember his great contribution to the masm.

pay my respects to Hutch!
Say you, Say me, Say the codes together for ever.


Really sad news, I am very sorry!
EC coder


This is sad news. RIP old friend


I am devastated by the news of Steve's passing. Not only was he an influential figure, but he was also the founder of the MASM forum, where countless people like me found inspiration and guidance in the world of assembly language programming. Steve's contributions and expertise were invaluable, and his passion for the subject was contagious.

His loss leaves a void that will be impossible to fill. Steve's presence will be greatly missed in the programming community, and we will always remember the lasting legacy he left behind.

Rest in peace, Steve. Your memory will continue to inspire and guide many people as we move forward in the world of assembly programming. Thank you for all you have done.