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IT professional portable app

Started by Magnum, January 21, 2013, 01:26:24 AM

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Helge's Switchblade is a portable application that can be put on an usb memory stick and used to aid IT professionals in supporting and maintaining a user's PC

This application contains various portable and installable tools, Driver Backup & Restore function and other various custom made tools including:
* A Windows log grabber
* RAM- and IP- information display
* Several Useful Ipconfig commands.
* Driver Backup and Restore(By Giuseppe Greco)
And a few useful links(nvidia/radeon graphic drivers, python documentation, microsoft technet etc

And the feature i like the most is a handy chat system that lets you speak directly to Tech Support Personel

Helge's Switchblade v0.7 Web Site
Take care,



Hi Andy,

looks interesting. Thank you for the link.  :t


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