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Addin HighLight Like IDA.

Started by qWord, January 26, 2013, 11:07:15 PM

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This plugin is for Radasm version 3x


I downloaded the older version from this post topic: - the download worked for radasm 2.2.2.x -;topic=12938.0;id=7788

I copied the HL_LIDA.dll to radasm\addins and the HL_LIDA.txt file to the addins\help as mentioned in the txt help file
Add in manager, selected HL_LIDA->Install and then checked the Enable option
When searching via Find it will color the found instances of the text


Hello Qword

I use your  addin Hl3LIDA and i love it , but i have wrote my own plugin for a other function to auto complete.
If i use both addins works only yours and my is skipped.

My CodeComplete plugin for Include files

I have look in your source and have comment this line out in AddinProc (AIM_RASELCHANGE) return eax TRUE
line 127 ;return   TRUE

Now AIM_RASELCHANGE return in eax 0

And now works with both addins.  :t