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Ling Long Kai Fang Bignum to ASCII

Started by dedndave, June 06, 2012, 03:43:10 AM

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these are my Ling Long Kai Fang routines from the old forum

3 routines for converting arbitrary integers to ASCII decimal strings
1) unsigned
2) signed
3) unsigned/signed mode-selectable

arbitrary integer exponential routine demo

EDIT: May 2, 2013
added Evr1 - real number evaluation utility


My math is not advanced enough for such stuff, but if you decide to open a startup together with Rui (Calcula), Ray (FpuLib) and qWord (SimpleMath), then I volunteer for the publicity part :biggrin:


those guys are whizzes - lol
i got these done by brute force effort and a bunch of time   :P


I like "Ling Long Kai Fang" !
Where did you see those names ?
Are you taking too much beers, Dave? :badgrin:


Rui, I think it has some to do with the guys who designed the algo.



i couldn't wait for someone to ask that question - lol

it's mentioned here

this is the guy that named it

it means something like "polynomial ladder solution"

it is an earlier name for Horner's Rule

and - yes - too many beers   :badgrin:


Hi Hutch,  :t
       i was only kidding.
       In any way, now i know what it mean.
       yes, i need some beers too !  :badgrin:


time to open another ling long beer, eh   :t

i have learned some things since i wrote those routines
i may take  look at them to see if they could be improved upon

i might mention - they use no FPU/MMX or SSE registers
i know they could be faster if those instruction sets were used


haha, pisspots. REAL asm prgrammers drink Pure Malt[tm].  :P


Pure ????
that would probably taste like caca - lol


I guess that is what you would expect from a beer drinker  :P.  Pure Malt[tm] is what you get when you distill malted barley rather than brew it. I would not wash my socks in most beers, full of chemicals and other crap, at least Pure malt distilled in Scotland is free of the crap in beer.

I have a number of Malts that are 100 proof (50% alcohol by volume) which should never be drunk in volume unless you intend to end up in the horizontal position (floorboarded).  :biggrin:


back in the day, we could get Foster's here that was just as it was sold in Australia
now days, you can only get the import variety which is 6% or something   :(


i have added a new attachment to the first post of the thread
happy ling long kai fang !   :biggrin:

C:\ > Evr
Evr: Ling Long Kai Fang Real Number Evaluation Utility
DednDave  5-2013  Ver 1.0

  This program evaluates hexadecimal Intel real numbers from the command line.
     The characters 0-9, A-F, P, X, and S are read, all others are ignored.
  This allows the use of spaces, underscores, etc, to separate the hex digits.
If the number of hex digits doesn't total 8, 16, or 20, this message is shown.
           The P switch may be used to show values at full Precision.
   The X switch may be used to show values with 3 eXtra digits of precision.
                      The X switch overrides the P switch.
      The S switch may be used to Step the LSB, showing 3 adjacent values.
               (d) = Denormal               (p) = Pseudo-Denormal

                    Example: Evr 4000 C90F DAA2 2168 C235 xs

                         Press any key to continue ...

C:\ > Evr 4000 C90F DAA2 2168 C235 xs

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C234: +3.14159265358979323829597

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C235: +3.14159265358979323851281

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C236: +3.14159265358979323872965

C:\ > Evr 4000C90FDAA22168C235p

4000_C90FDAA2_2168C235: +3.14159265358979323851280895940618620443274267017841339111328125

C:\ > Evr 0000_80000000:00000000 s

0000_7FFFFFFF_FFFFFFFF: +3.3621031431120935059e-4932 (d)

0000_80000000_00000000: +3.36210314311209350626e-4932 (p)

0000_80000000_00000001: +3.36210314311209350663e-4932 (p)

C:\ > Evr 00000000 00000000 s

80000000_00000001: -4.9406564584124654e-324 (d)

00000000_00000000: +0

00000000_00000001: +4.9406564584124654e-324 (d)

C:\ > Evr FF800000 s

FF7FFFFE: -3.40282326e+38

FF7FFFFF: -3.40282347e+38

FF800000: -∞


yeh Hutch real malts are the sipping kind not the shoot it down kind. In tiny little glasses to boot. and of course with your pinkie turned up like a real gent.... :t


Take care,