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Started by shankle, May 28, 2012, 11:23:45 PM

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Thanks for the new forum and your hard work Hutch.

One suggestion if I might.
My tired old eyes have trouble with the colors of the forum.
IMHO more contrast would help a lot


Hi Jack, good to see you on board. I have a similar problem but I don't have enough brain left at the moment to attack the forum CSS style sheet. I would like to tweak the code tags settings as well as I don't like the look of them.


Steve, either you can modify the the default themes, or you can download new ones from

Sure they have some really funky ones (Which we don't want to use I hope), but they also have plenty "Minimalist" themes.  You could download a few different themes and let each user decide what to use on their profile.



Give this a try, my browser is IronPortable and it supports "CTRL+" and "CTRL-" to increase or decrease the size of the entire display, text and image data. It certainly makes a difference if you have eyestrain.


Thanks Hutch,
Control + worked just fine.
Iron is one nice browser IMHO