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NiCd battery replacement

Started by Magnum, September 18, 2013, 05:27:35 AM

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I will be replacing eight cells in a battery for a cordless drill. 9.6 V

The markings did not lead anywhere. DF21NF NiCd

Since there are eight cells in the battery, I think they are 1.2 volt nicads.

1 3/4 X 5/8 are the dimensions if that would help with determining the mAH.

Could someone help me in what would be a good replacement ?

Take care,



as time goes on, technology improves
what that means is...
the replacement cells you buy are probably going to be the same mAh or better than the originals
(assuming the same size, shape, and mass)

it's really hard to go wrong, in terms of capacity
if you buy "less", the thing simply won't hold a charge for as long
if you buy "more", it may take a bit longer to fully charge, but will run longer

what i would look for are cells that have soldering tabs welded on   :t

i think what you want are standard "AA" cells, which probably ran ~500 mAh at the time of manufacture
you can replace them with longer-life cells

these look nice...


Guess you have never owned a cordless drill ?  :biggrin:

I don't think any manufacturer would knowingly produce a cordless drill that used standard AA or AAA NiMH or nicads.
It sounds too much like doing the right thing.  :t

The original cells are cardboard coated, real top of the line stuff.

Take care,



well - i haven't tried to replace the cells in one, yet - lol
being somewhat lazy, i'd be tempted to just buy the new battery pack   ;)

i do have a little cordless soldering iron that i replaced the cells in
it uses 2 C-size cells

try looking for "sub-C" size cells   :t


I used these from in my 12v dewalt

Product NamePart No.QuantityItem PriceTotal Price

Tenergy 4/5 SubC 1300mAh NiCd Flat Top Rechargeable Battery

Tabs Option: w/ Tabs
Subtotal: $25.76
Shipping: $6.40

Worked well but a real pain to replace.    They probably have some the right size for your 9.6v also.



It was cheaper going thru Ebay than using the battery site.

I got them for $17.05 at Ebay for 8 of them and includes shipping charges.

I think they will be better than the paper covered ones that the original had.

Take care,