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reinstall of windows 7 pro 64-bit

Started by shankle, November 20, 2013, 12:50:35 AM

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Your startup and shutdown times are pretty good.

My startup time is 37 seconds till the prompt for the password and then 7 more seconds until explorer, 2 bat files run, and my reminder program shows up.

Take care,



Hi Shankle,
It's good news that you succeeded in downloading OS image .
I suppose at meantime you're already reinstalling your Windows 7 , aren't you?
If so , please , let us know how  you re-activated it .


magic jellybean :)
and - sometimes, a phone call to microsoft


Yes I downloaded it and it ran fine. THEN the fun started!
1st I was unable to gain access to the internet.
The search still wasn't fixed. At that point I got out my
Clonezilla-live and restored from 4 days ago and this message
is coming from that restore. So it looks like I am going to have
to increase the coffers of Microsoft once more and buy another
full windows 7 pro 64-bit that I have already paid for. YUK.
Makes my love of Microsoft grow even more.....
When I buy another computer it will have nothing on the hard
drive and I will buy whatever OS I need at the time and install
it fresh......
Thanks for you guidance.