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DirectX10 + DirectInput Headers for GoAsm Here

Started by satpro, January 28, 2014, 05:08:26 PM

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Hi all,

Well, I was looking for the GoAsm header file for DirectInput, which seemingly doesn't exist, and thanks to Wayne's program XlatH2Inc (and his kind explanation), I was able to make my own, and also converted the DirectX 10 headers.  I would like to share those here.

Although I am no header expert, I feel the conversion went pretty well, using other DX headers as a general guide.  The original files convert to something quite verbose (lots of comments,etc.), so I removed some extraneous stuff, mostly comments that would have no bearing on assembly.  To edit I used a fine blade, not a chainsaw, so there shouldn't be anything critical missing other than what XlatH2Inc removed.  Also, I removed references to other file includes, so each is a standalone file.  One file, (.h), references all the others (in no particular order).

I went through each file by hand at least a couple of times, formatting the structures, interfaces, and then adding <> to the IIDs where they were needed.  Also, I kept MS comments for each of the interface methods, and although it adds a great deal to the size of the overall package, I thought it would be better to leave those comments in the files.  All are set up as 32-bit unicode headers (all XlatH2Inc options unchecked).  So I hope it's what it should be.  I'm not a C++ programmer, so maybe some double-checking is necessary.

I hope you get some use out of these; I know we sure need them.

I now very much appreciate how much work went into Donkey's GoAsm headers.  :biggrin:   In order to work better with Easy Code there is an additional set with the ".h" suffix.


Edgar (donkey) has converted many of the headers for GoAsm
he has been busy elsewhere, lately, and hasn't gotten back into the swing yet