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ServiceDescriptionImporter class

Started by ankitasharma123, September 17, 2013, 04:02:49 PM

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I am using the ServiceDescriptionImporter class to generate a web services proxy at runtime.

I pass WSDL to the class, and have it generate the proxy assembly. The WSDL contains schemas for complex data types.

How do I retrieve the schema for the complex types from the compiled assembly?

This is getting pretty deep, I know. I hope someone can help me here.


maybe this will help a little....

when you go to the MSDN page...

in the Syntax section, there are 4 tabs - select the C++ tab
now - under Properties, you will find Schemas

again, wth the tabs, under C++
// Report on the service descriptions.
Console::WriteLine( "Importing {0} service descriptions with {1} associated schemas.", importer->ServiceDescriptions->Count, importer->Schemas->Count );

and if you tab back to C#

// Report on the service descriptions.
Console.WriteLine("Importing {0} service descriptions with {1} associated schemas.",
                  importer.ServiceDescriptions.Count, importer.Schemas.Count);

it's odd how they have the web page set up - lol