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Jason Johnson
Working with the next Congress
W.H.: Obama committed to bipartisanship
Is a leadership switch on the horizon?

First, let's be honest about what happened Tuesday night. The stock market is way up, unemployment is the lowest in six years and gas prices are way down. So, by most objective measures, the country is doing well. Yet over 60% of Americans say we're on the wrong track, and the Democrats got beat in blue and red states, across the country from Massachusetts to Nevada. Five red states voted to increase the minimum wage, a major Democratic issue since 2012, but at the same time those states voted overwhelmingly for Republican candidates who stand against minimum wage increases.

And we can't forget just how much everyone hates Congress. Congressional approval has been less than 15% for the last two years. How bad is that approval number? To put it into perspective, 9% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Vladimir Putin, 11% have a favorable opinion of North Korea and 12% have a favorable opinion of Iran. So the U.S. Congress is just barely more popular than most of the Axis of Evil and a Russian leader who makes vague threats about nuclear war with the United States.
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