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Library tool for PowerBASIC to "explode" libraries.

Started by hutch--, January 10, 2015, 11:02:14 AM

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Something missing from the PowerBASIC library toolkit was the capacity to extract all SLL modules in one operation. Unfortunately Bob passed away before items like this were available. This tool is designed to perform this function and is very easy to use.


NOTATION : explode yourpblib.ext

To use this tool, a new directory should be created. Place the library to
explode and explode.exe in this directory. Run the above command line and
the SLL components of the library will be written as separate files in the
current directory.

It has not been exhaustively tested but works OK on libraries created with both the current versions of PBCC and PBWIN. Modules extracted in this manner and rebuilt back into libraries perform correctly.

Link in next post.  :biggrin:


I have tracked down a couple of bugs i the first version, the last SLL was one byte too long and in some circumstances it would miss an SLL near the beginning of the library. These 2 bugs have been fixed.

Next version posted below.


With the help of one of the members of the PB forum, the tool has been tweaked so its more reliable. The search pattern I had been using did not match the latest versions of the library output and was rejecting valid PB libraries. This has been fixed.

The latest version is attached. I will properly version these once the tool is demonstrated as reliable.