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Jwasm 13 debugging source mode in 64 bits

Started by TouEnMasm, August 15, 2015, 08:26:09 PM

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I succeeded to build 32 bit with OpenWatcom.
I used again Code:Blocks but chose  OpenWatcom 32 compiler
As far as I tested it works fine in both 32 and 64 bit
The only problem in 64 is it rejects: real8  2.22e-308 ;rejected by ml + jwasm ( since v2.11 )
I could have changed it in watcom headers but I don't want to do that because for x64 build we will still use MSVS
I really have to mention that the Code:Blocks is an excellent tool :t


Here is hjwasm.exe build with MSVC 2013 and WinDDK 7600 headers and libraries, -subsystem:console,5.1
Should run in WindowsXP too.
Can we have here some test files for testing?



The Hjwasm32 posted by Habran and compiled with openWatcom mark one point on 32 bits.
Under Windows 10 he allow to debug 32 bit sources codes in source mode with windbg.
He couldn't do the same thing for 64 bits sources.
Fa is a musical note to play with CL


Hi ToutEnMasm,
Nice to see a smile ones on your face :biggrin:

Quote from: ToutEnMasm on May 09, 2016, 05:40:05 PM
He couldn't do the same thing for 64 bits sources.
Please explain ;)
Hi TWell, here is attached one 32 bit example 8)


after chancing in example source rcx to ecx in lines 124 and 125 and comment out invoke subproc1
i was able debug with source with WinDbg 6.1 and Visual Studio in Windows 10.


Sorry I borrowed some example from x64
I uploaded fixed version.
But good thing is that it works fine :t


TWell, I tested your HJWasm build and it works fine on my laptop, however, it is 64 bit machine,we need to test 32 bit


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