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JWasm continuation (our try) on GitHub

Started by XVilka, November 06, 2015, 12:58:40 AM

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Good day, ladies and gentlemen!
I see that there is already a continuation of JWasm development.
But we've started already our own fork too.
We've put it on GitHub -
We've split the autotests -

Also we've added the Travis-CI job for gcc, clang and clang for OS X -
And added the Coverity periodic scan -

We're going to setup also the AppVeyor job.
We're going to copy the issues/bugs from the sourceforge project.

Site is (site sources are in the repository)

So, what about merging the development? We can add the access for people who is active in your continuation of the JWasm.


Hi and Welcome , XVilka !
Nice to hear that JWASM is being under active development in your country  ;)
Here you (I mean you and i82 ) said that you have new "fixed" version of JWLINK .
Do you want to share it with us?


Quote from: XVilka on November 06, 2015, 12:58:40 AM
So, what about merging the development? We can add the access for people who is active in your continuation of the JWasm.

habran, maybe?
he's done some work on improving jwasm  :t


Welcome , XVilka :t
You'll have a fan club here - and some competition ;-)


another JWASM fork on GitHub:


Yep, we knew about this fork, already trying to extract useful stuff

Speaking about JWlink - yes, we'll put this project too - soon (in a few days).


Just to make you aware of the real competition (test with a 17,300 lines source):

*** Assemble using mlv615 /nologo /c /coff  /Fl /Sn /Fo "RichMasm" ***
*** Assembling and linking took 1170 milliseconds ***

*** Assemble using asmc /nologo /c /coff  /Fl /Sn /Fo "RichMasm" ***
*** Assembling and linking took 592 milliseconds ***



Aren't you guys afraid of too many JWASM forks? I meant this used to be single man operation by Japeth.

Now is this repository somehow related to HJWasm or is it a separate one? Because if it is another one that on one single forum you already have at least 3 different repositories not counting the original one.
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Welcome to the forum, ACP :icon14:

Your point is valid, of course. We risk having three incomplete and non-perfect forks, instead of one that works properly.
For building my library, I use Nidud's AsmC fork nowadays, it's really easy to get used to its speed :P



I would definitely prefer to see a single fork/continuation of Jwasm personally. I know Habran has been working very hard on the AVX512 support in HJWASM, I've staged some changes which I will give through to him once he is done to allow for proper AVX handling of PROC frame setup. At the moment the FRAME is generated using sse opcodes like movaps, which if you planning on using vmov..(any avx style) opcode inside the proc causes major performance penalties. I have proposed that we add a new decoration to the PROC declaration to allow for this on a PROC by PROC basis, so you would have:

MyProc PROC AVXFRAME USES a,b,c arg0:TYPE, arg1:TYPE ... etc

I have plenty of hosting space available which I think we should (and I would be happy to use) to host the project officially apart from the github repo and possibly include all the legacy copies/site history for posterity.


On another note.. out of respect to Japheth I would hope that he would provide some guidance on his wishes, even if he has no time to work on this project, so that at some point he can either take ownership again, or at least join back in the active dev and see what work has been done in his absence.

I know we all had suspected that something had happened to him, however I see Vortex mentioned that there was a 100% busy with real life comment from him in 2014.. I'm not sure if this is still the case.


no GitHub activity since January 2014 is big enough pause to suspect anything
Notice  that Japheth's account was deleted  , look at his posts and see his "guest" status
Maybe Hutch or Habran could tell us anything about  Where's Japheth ? ...
or somebody from Germany  could take his phone number and call him ? 


Guys - thanks for warm welcome :)

I don't intend to be a smart-ass - at least not in first few posts ;) - but looking at number of people who can actually help and devote their time into something that doesn't make your CV cool for headhunters (and developing x86/x64 assembler is definitively one of those things) I would suggest to better coordinate different initiatives I see on this site. github or any other similar site provide enough tools for  supporting community effort, but in the long run it should a single effort. There are already enough x86/x64 assemblers with incompatible syntax and output around. The one thing I wouldn't like to see one day is to have few different versions of JWasm not compatible with each other.

BTW: I like to idea of using Coverity for the project. Even assembler deserves to be secure app.
BTW2: is there anyone who care to pickup HX Dos Extender development.
Just my 2 cents.
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Single point of developing and distributing is the best solution for the project like JWasm. I see no reasons of why it shouldn't be github. It has all things needed for the collaboration.

We made source code splitting and now we have JWasm and JWasm-regressions. Travis and Coverity integration already done. SourceForge tickets (bugs & features) also imported.

So, why not to merge all the forks :-)


Hi GoneFishing,

Japheth reregistered with a new account :