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JWasm continuation (our try) on GitHub

Started by XVilka, November 06, 2015, 12:58:40 AM

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Quote from: jj2007 on October 25, 2022, 07:08:32 PM

OS/2 Museum (with a nice description of the two passes, unfortunately not quite correct)

Thanks for the link. That was an interesting reading.


Quote from: _japheth on October 25, 2022, 07:13:41 PMHello bugthis,

I'm the author of jwasm.
Thank you for your work on jwasm. I use it on FreeDOS 1.3 inside a QEMU Virtual Machine environment.
FreeDOS 1.3 ships with jwasm on the FreeDOS Bonus CD.
Only jwlink is missing. I use Open Watcom's wlink instead, which also comes with FreeDOS on the Bonus CD.

QuoteIf you don't want a github account, you can post in this forum, but I'd suggest to use the "DOS 16-bit" sub-forum then. I'm perhaps not visiting here on a daily basis, but if I do, I check the DOS forum then.
Thanks for the hint. That is good to know.

QuoteGenerally, jwasm is based on the Masm v6 assembly language style. For programs written in Masm v1⁻v5, it's better to use Masm directly ( for example, jwasm hasn't implemented the "option oldmacros" ).
Ok, I'll just try to adapt the book's code to MASM v6.

QuoteI have to agree with jj, though: your code snippets are not full programs - that makes it unnecessarily cumbersome to reproduce your issues.

Why aren't they a full program? Could you explain that.
From my point of view, each of the two code snippet represents a file and the filename is given before the code tag. All that is required is, they only have to be saved under the appropriate name and assembled with MASM <= Version 5 and integrated with link.exe in the last step.

Should i have added the files inside a ZIP archive or ship them with the executable or what do you mean by "your code snippets are not full programs"?

Quote from: _japheth on October 25, 2022, 10:07:23 PM
QuoteIF (Reg EQ AL) OR (Reg EQ AH)                                       

I checked that syntax: it's indeed accepted by Masm v5.1 ( although you apparently cannot use any 8-bit register as macro argument!? ).
Thank you for agreeing on that and good to know about the latter.
QuoteHowever, it's not accepted by Masm v6, no matter if the -Zm cmdline option is used or not. So jwasm also isn't supposed to support that syntax.
I will try to make the code MASM v6 compatible.