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Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2008 installation kills Windows 7 bcdedit.exe

Started by KeepingRealBusy, July 31, 2012, 09:47:07 AM

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yah - now that i have my backup images, i have disabled system restore on all disks
system restore can make a mess out of things when it does work
and - many viruses disable it - some even delete all the restore points
so - what good is it

as for the edit - i wasn't talking about a command window
i was talking about pasting the line into NotePad
then edit it and paste it back into the little box   :t


And don't forget wbem: %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem
It's a Windows core component since ME or so, but the poor thing still has not learnt where is home sweet home... now imagine all other 1,000 or so Windows core components needed an entry into The Path - what is the limit for a string in the registry?  ;)


Quote from: dedndave on August 05, 2012, 03:15:54 AM
as for the edit - i wasn't talking about a command window
i was talking about pasting the line into NotePad
then edit it and paste it back into the little box   :t


I tried both ways and it seems easier the way I am doing it.

To copy the path you need Start>ControlPanel>System>Advanced>EnvironmentVariables>SelectPath>Edit>RightClick>Copy. Then you have to find Notepad. In my case I use a desktop ICON to start PFE. Unfortunately, there are three Windows up, and the last two seem to be child windows of the prior Window and no amount of coaxing will move the prior Windows to uncover the PFE icon. I could use Start and find PFE.but think the following is easier (In PFE the CMD window is free standing and the PFE Window can be closed , minimized, moved, etc):

DesktopPFEIcon>Doubleclick>Execute>Dosprompt>"Path" (you now have the full path in a .txt window).
CmdHeader>RightClick>Edit>SelectAll">CmdHeader>RightClick>Edit>Copy>close Cmndprompt
PFE>File>New>Paste>edit path (you now have the edited path in a .txt file window)>SelectAll>Copy
Now access the old path with  Start>ControlPanel>System>Advanced>EnvironmentVariables>SelectPath>Edit>Paste into the variable data>OK>close>close>close.




find an open space (i.e., not on a file or shortcut) in explorer or on the desktop
right-click - New - Text Document
opens Notepad for you
when you are done, close it and opt not to save   :P
right-click on the "New Document.txt" - Delete



I don,t know what you've been smokin', but a right click on an empty space on the desktop gives me a choice of new, but only... wait a minute! I get no new text file option, but a start for PFE (which has grabbed .txt extension)! The same thing happens on Explorer. Thank you for the new method of getting to PFE. Apparently, it gives you the start of whatever is the program to edit the .txt file extension (there are other choices of programs to process other file types).

Thank you.



not sure what PFE is - lol
but - i would not like it to take over .txt associations, unless i requested it

you can add new things to the list by creating a template file
they go in C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Templates
then - associate the file type and add a registry entry
in the old forum, i did a reg file for creating an ASM template   :P
i right-click, new, asm file - and bang, it has the include, data/code sections, and _main


PFE is Programmers File Editor (last version was in 99) I got used to working with it at work, never saw a real need for a context sensitive editor with different colors. I want it to grab .txt files.