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notepad++ v 6.8.8

Started by shankle, April 23, 2016, 09:39:35 AM

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Been using this editor for quite a while.
It has stopped finding an item in search/find.
Also selecting more than 1 line to copy has stopped working.

I am using the style configuration that came with the download.

Any thoughts.....

Problem solved.
Seems to be my playing around with the style configurator.



Have used this editor..Interesting I am on Comcast,American internet provider. I run a packet sniffer while online to see what is going on below my sight. For some reason when ever I run this editor the ISP goes nuts scanning the editor running...kind of weird,and I run it portable with portable apps main program.


Running Windows 7 pro 64-bit.
Running notepad++ v6.9.1

Style configurator is a tad fussy but other than
that it seems to be working fine.


The bad of notepad++, at least to me, is that lately, from time to time hangs and truncates the file that is editing. There's another text editor based in Scintilla that works fine, but maybe with lower benefits: programmers notepad. I like more the notepad++ find tool than the another from programmers notepad, for example.