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HJWasm 2.22 release

Started by johnsa, March 24, 2017, 02:18:43 AM

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So, given that I believe the other issues are resolved and we've tested the new features for 2.22, I can report that it's now released on the site and Git and the new features are:

1) Support for string literals in INVOKE, including L"" wide character.
2) Support for creating wide character strings in data section with myString dw "this is a wide string",0
3) New union initialisation type allowing you to specify which sub-structure to use ... works brilliantly with the included XMMTYPES.INC file for working with SIMD and VECTORCALL.
4) Automatic promotion of integer literal initializers to floats for REAL4, REAL8, STRUCT Members.. so you can now have:

myFloat REAL4 2

and myStruct MYTYPE < 1, 0, 0, 0 > with MYTYPE expecting floats.

5) New built-in MACRO library (read the docs) but it makes a set of macros automatically available to all source (a bit like a runtime lib) and this can grow over time.. It also supports the -OPTION ARCH / -archSSE/AVX flags so the macros will be generated in accordance with selected architecture (IE: movd vs vmovd etc).

6) Bug fixes (as per other threads)