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How to define entry point for 64-bit DLL?

Started by jmw457, July 11, 2017, 08:24:55 AM

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I am re-writing a 32-bit DLL assembled with Microsoft MASM to a 64-bit DLL assembled with NASM (Netwide Assembler).  I need to know how to translate the entry point. 

In 32-bit MASM it's:

FunctionName PROC PointerName:PTR DWord

However, 64-bit NASM doesn't use that convention.  So my question is, how can I define a procedure (entry point) in 64-bit NASM that passes values (either variables or pointers) from the calling program to the DLL? 

Thanks very much. 


The Dll entry point is DllMain.
What you want to know, it seems so, are the NASM conventions for exporting functions. :icon_rolleyes:
I just reformulate your question because I am sure you will find the answer  this way with a good search engine.


Hello aw27,

I am migrating from one to the other. 


Quote from: jmw457 on July 11, 2017, 09:15:33 AM
I am migrating from one to the other.

Hello jmw,
Any particular reason to migrate to NASM?