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Random Pad Creation Tool, rpg64.

Started by hutch--, August 03, 2017, 10:19:56 PM

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The old 32 bit version worked fine but the advantages of a 64 bit version occur in the form of being much faster due to a far better random algo and a far larger number range in 64 bit. The app uses a technique of multiple re-seeding of the random algo which is a very good one and repeatedly XORing another random sequence onto the previous one. The technique of providing a very hard to duplicate original seed then multiply reseeding the algo and overwriting the previous sequence makes discovering a working pad that will reproduce the pads near to impossible.

After unzipping the ZIP file, run the app without any command line from the console to see the syntax which is very simple, just 3 required arguments. There are 3 batch files that create random pads of different sizes to see what it does. NOTE that ENT.EXE must remain in the same directory as rpg64 so that it can analyse the pad results.

It cannot be built with the provided libraries and macros at the moment as there are new library modules and new macros so the source has not been provided, this will be done later when I have more written.

A little pure 64 bit MASM for your pleasure.  :biggrin: