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Re: Why you live longer owning a gun.
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I must ask you mywan, are you an American?
Yes, I am American. I well remember when James Brady was shot by John Hinckley which eventually led to the Brady Bill signed by Clinton 12 years later. I did my share of deer hunting in the 70s. As a teen running loose at night, when I broke down and needed to make a phone call, to knock on a strangers door in the middle of the night to use their phone. Entering a house where the owner had a 30-06 slung over the back of the couch, trained on me as I made my call, was never a problem for me. These people were generally far more civil and helpful than what you can expect now.

You say the Gun Control Act of 1968 was "despite the vigorous protests of the gun lobby", yet gun manufacturers generally supported the bill. The NRA itself only had objections to certain portions of the bill, for reasons I'll get back to. You are assigning resistance to the "gun lobby". The fact is that the issues of individuals never had a voice, and any that did attempt to be heard only got heard as if a voice of the "gun lobby". This disposition of yours to assign historical objections to the "gun lobby" is precisely why the "gun lobby" acquired such lobbying power, it was the only way people could get heard. However imperfect that hearing people tended to think it was better the alternative, of no voice in the matter whatsoever. And here you are implicitly denying it was their voice, which your falsely denying the existence of prior to them turning to the "gun lobby" to have some semblance of a voice. The most restrictive laws developing at this earlier time was more at local levels. Hence when the Bernhard Goetz subway incidence occurred it created a backlash of public sentiment, sentiment that had previously been ignored and falsely assigned to the sentiments of the NRA. The incident did not create the sentiment, it merely give it a vehicle to be heard. To equate the public's sentiment about gun control with gun bans was NEVER reasonable in the public's eyes, an that is what was occurring at local levels throughout the nation.

Now, about those earlier NRA objection, and the historical consequences of failing to heed these objections. The NRA early on had no real objections to gun control in a certain sense, but wanted to protect the legal status of many professional and traditional activities. Gun control and the banning of guns need not be the same thing, but just as the gun lobby can today push their position beyond reason, during this time the gun control lobby was pushing their position beyond reason, in the estimation of the actual public. Yet, by stripping the public sentiment and attaching such objections to the "gun lobby", the public's only outlet became the "gun lobby", leading to a massive growth in their power. Unfortunately it was one of those lesser of two evils issues, in which the public's hands were forced.

The height of gun control was reached when Clinton signed the Brady Bill in 1993. This bill effectively made it illegal for a lot of people that, in some cases, made a living in shooting competitions to compete in their profession. Being a federal level law not even a federal license helped in the least. These kinds of restrictions, regardless of the length people go to in order to remain legal, vastly increased the public backlash. Then when the Supreme Court overturned this law at a federal (not state) level in Printz v. United States, on 10th amendment grounds, it's back to the states. Only this time around, due to the previous treatment the public got, and as you now falsely assign to the "gun lobby" itself, people are not in the mood to hear these misapplications of sentiment and are more willing to overlook the extremes of the gun lobby because it appears as a lesser of two evils when compared to the historical thrashing they got from gun control. A thrashing predicated on precisely the same words, and misappropriation of sentiment, that you are so adept at using here.


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Re: Why you live longer owning a gun.
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