Author Topic: I hate AV Products, Trust Issues !!!  (Read 1921 times)


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I hate AV Products, Trust Issues !!!
« on: October 27, 2017, 08:26:21 AM »
<rant> Some days I type SMH in my mind for every AV issue I run into.
It boils down to this, a person with a double minded degree in Law and Sales Exploitation writes Advertisements for us(IT Folks and AV end users) to make decisions on.
Some days, I want to write some SMC, and sale it to Hackers, to get back at the AV vendors.
But the Good Angle chimes in with, 'You know Michael ...'. </rant>

I need an application, that will generate files with a particular SHA256 hash.  This is the majority method of AV detection. 

My Goal is to test AV products with these created binary files with known Hashes and VERIFY that a AV vendors product will catch those files actively in a test environment.

So from the Pool of Knowledge here in the forum, Has anyone come across an application described above ???

FileHash-MD5   01cddd0509d725c0ee732e2ef6109ecd
FileHash-SHA1   21e84fa5897de3c7e85d871e4ba33cb0611232ea
FileHash-MD5   27b318e103985fb4872ea92df1d2f35a
FileHash-SHA256   2fa07d41385c16b0f6ad32d12908db1743ca77db0b71e6cfd0fde76ef146e983
FileHash-MD5   3ab997af1ab3f47cbe2fa79293b3d38c
FileHash-SHA1   3cf50c62107265916777992f7745a1a0ec381d6f
FileHash-MD5   417a608721e9924f089f9143a1687d97
FileHash-MD5   43d084a2bcadeae75cad488a8957d862
FileHash-SHA1           530ce17aa21250d9ce38525f353badb8c2f0c859
FileHash-SHA256   593e13dca3ab6ce6358eec09669f69faef40f1e67069b08e0fe3f8451aaf62ec
My AV product uses SHA256 method for file hashes.

I have alerts coming from several sources, with SH256 hashes for ID verification purposes.

And to be clear, getting the SH256 hash on a file is easy, creating a file with a certain hash is the desired result.

Best Regards, P1, aka Michael