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64 bit macro glossary

Started by markallyn, December 11, 2017, 03:07:05 AM

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Quote from: aw27 on December 14, 2017, 05:55:29 AM
If you don't know which features then you will be all right with them.

Sounds interesting  8)  Is windbg for free?



Yes, it is freely available as a downloaded installer from MSFT .  It is part of a "debugging tools" package.  I think it is worth a look.

Mark Allyn




My suggestion for putting a working project together so that others can build it did mean having it buildable. This way another member can routinely build you app to see what it does and possibly help you fix any problems that you may have with it. The zip file you posted had 2 files in it with no info on how you build it. Now for anyone who would be interested in helping, this means they would have to construct a technique to build it to test it, a batch file, makefile or similar. The suggestion was to put together the source files AND how to build it, usually a simple batch file does the job here. I had a good look at the 2 source files and they looked OK but just did not have the time to work out how it was built.



A fair point.  I should have included the .bat fiat builds it, but never having done this .zip protocol before I messed up.  I will repost it with the included .bat file later today. 

...Still learning....