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Takin' a break from the NFL...
« on: September 25, 2012, 09:53:38 PM »
Hi all,

It's likely this subject is Amero-centric.  Apologies to the real football fans in advance...

Allright, up-front:  I am a lefty; a card-carrying, bleeding-heart liberal with a good programmer's heart.  And lots of it.  No apologies--just pride.  The house I live in is full of lefties.  My 13 year-old Black Lab is a nurse, and a damn good one, too.  Her Mom-E (Mrs. satpro) is also.  Most likely they're both some kind of saint.  Me?  I throw and write LEFT, yet kick a ball and shoot (sorry, Bill) RIGHT, and I am definitely not a saint.  I'm not sure why I'm not in their league, other than there's mountains of proof otherwise.

OK, so to get to it ...  As a farm boy from Wisconsin I have the Green Bay Packer gene.  Green 'n' Gold.  It's something you can't scrub; it's something you couldn't scrub even if you tried.  A genuine Packer fan by birth.  Well, come to think of it, more likely it's the farm boy part that won't scrub.

So, then... here's the vent.  To be perfectly honest,  I think I'm done with the NFL.  Why?  Well, it's involved, and I will explain, but through the years I have witnessed the following:

Watching Ali get stripped of his title because he was against war; then watching Don King take over and make fixing fights a very lucrative business and perfecting the Art of Paying Off Judges and Commissioners; Pete Rose's gambling on his own team;  seeing the steroids in (and acceptance and cover-up by) Major League Baseball--the same league (ironically) that came up with the "juiced" ball; the entire Lance Armstrong (and cyclists in general) scandals; the doping in the Olympics, Kim Jong il's perfect 72 (which probably doesn't count as an example); the referee cheating & gambling in the NBA; seeing what has happened to the UFC; watching Jon Gruden's Bucs win the Super Bowl; watching the New Orleans Saints win their Super Bowl right on schedule; and, although I'm leaving a few out--watching my team, the Pack, fold after a 15-1 season in which their only regular-season loss was to a team (the Chiefs) that couldn't get out of bed in the morning.  I've watched the post-season replay over and over and each time I feel more strongly something was not right.  Then we get new refs from parts unknown (perhaps from the WWE) who apparently never watched the actual game.  I'm just not some Packer "whine and cheeser."  It seems like it is in every sport nowadays.  You older guys know exactly what I'm saying.

Tonight was the topper.  The NFL will try to make us believe that a last-second interception (Packers-Seahawks) was actually a touchdown.  It doesn't matter that there's video.  It doesn't matter that they doubled down with a "booth review".  What "EXACTLY" is a booth review?  Well, it's a second look by the refs under a mystical hood, with security all around them.  After a quick game of Pac-Man, their decision is final.

Ok, almost done ...

jj, MasmBASIC is a wonder.  Make it bigger and more-encompassing.  Well, I mean, don't work too hard.  :biggrin:  But the sky's the limit on that.  Some day, let's bundle it with MASM as it should be.  It's that good.  Really... 

Bert thinks so.

P.S.  Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.  The fly-overs by the jets before the game starts is stock footage.  That's (at least sometimes) a fact.  And...  I once was very close to a Met-Life blimp when it tipped over and crashed in very high winds.  It was something to see.  I saw the ship ID on the blimp "up close" because we went to the field where it crashed--less than two minutes away from our house.  And it was a mess.  It looked like a tent after a tornado.  I don't think anyone died (everyone was fine that we saw) because it landed nearly upside-down.  The thing is, the sports blimps fly low and slow in-sight of interstate 75 here in Florida so we see them all the time.  Usually no biggee.  Except that we saw the same blimp on TV 2 days later!  So... now I'm all grown-up and done (scrubbed?) with the very crooked world of sports.  We won't be watching any more football this year.  And it hurts a bit.


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Re: Takin' a break from the NFL...
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2012, 10:45:24 PM »
The replacement referees are making a very good case for the regular referees.  Every game I watch this season has calls that are bad.  Bad calls have become the norm instead of the exception.  The players' union is getting involved because the players feel that it has become a safety issue because players are getting away with illegal hits without being penalized.  I think the outrage will only increase until the regulars are back.