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I'll be buying a new computer...

Started by zeddicus, March 29, 2018, 02:37:04 PM

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Posting from my ancient Gateway Laptop, on Windows To Go Windows 10 32 bit Home edition. I installed the wifi drivers for Windows 7 but they did not work. (Drivers not available apparently for use with Windows 10)
My Smart (dumb) phone has the option to 'tether via usb' so I tried that option, so here I am posting via my phone   :icon_mrgreen:

This screen is HUGE in comparison to my old netbook. Only slightly bigger than my new netbook that I purchased a few months back.
I'll post a screenshot in a little bit...

Edit I fubarred and had to edit the mfr name. lol
On this computer, Windows To Go runs a little faster. Of course it has 2 GB ram as opposed to he 512 MB in the little netbook. I was surprised it even ran with so little memory.

I had to install Drop Box on this machine. :)


This setup isn't so bad. The OS is responsive enough, and it is almost as fast as it would be if I were running from a bona fide hard disk. (Not as fast as a solid state disk, however)
There are a few lags, but nothing to write home about.
It of course, is sill crippled by the fact that not all of the drivers are available, so that means I have to manually transfer anything from my Windows 7 setup to this computer manually via usb drive. :(

But otherwise, it IS a working system.  :)
I don't like Cortana peering over my shoulder all the time, but thats life in the Windows 10 world.   8)

Just when I thought I was finished playing around with OS'es and configurations.  ::)    :biggrin:

Caché GB

Struggling with OS's is a never ending story. Dam MicroSh*t.
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Quote from: Caché GB on August 09, 2018, 09:32:17 AM
Struggling with OS's is a never ending story. Dam MicroSh*t.
No struggle now, I'm just playing around.  :greensml:
I have Windows 7 64 bit set up on my main computer and it is solid, and doesn't spy on me.   :icon_cool:


Quote from: zedd151 on May 06, 2018, 06:13:51 AM
It's a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Netbook. retail for 139.99 USD.  Windows 10 Home sells for 119.99 USD at same store.  :biggrin:
From System Information:

Dell Inspiron 3180  --> I don't know why the literature included says Inspiron 11 3000
Windows 10 home, 64 bit
AMD A6-9220e R4 , 2cores, 2 logical processors
29.12 GB eMMC Hard Drive
4 GB Memory
That little netbook finally had its last day about a week ago. I dropped it, and broke not only the screen, but one of the hinges as well. It was open at the time and landed on concrete in exactly the wrong position.
But luckily I think a year ago (more or less) I bought two refurbished boxes (exact same model) from a third party seller on Amazon for $140 USD a piece plus taxes and shipping (included monitor, wired keyboard & wired mouse btw). The specs are in my signature and they both run fine with the SSD's I put into them a month after I got them. So ends the saga...


well its no secret what you run,because that is revealed in first line with cpuid when help testing something in this forum
one older laptop +padded bags is safer to walk on ice in winter or getting robbed of highend laptop,learned the lesson of dropping my old gaming laptop twice,new extra USB ports and duct tape on backside of screen
who was it who wrote laptop got destroyed by spilling soda on it?uses waterproof tablet when eating/drinking to avoid that
my none asm creations
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Like SIMD coding


Damn! Just noticed this thread has over 33,000 views? Sorry to disappoint, there's no there's no multicore overclocked high speed, 32 GB fast memory, super duper nitrogen cooled gaming computer being bought or discussed here at any time soon.

I know what 'they' were looking to find here.  :toothy:


Quote from: zedd151 on August 26, 2022, 07:12:08 PM
Damn! Just noticed this thread has over 33,000 views?
Almost 35000 now.  :tongue:  34981 as of this post.
Just so the newest viewers know...
The last two computers I bought are about 12 years old, and nothing fancy schmancy either.  :badgrin:  See post #154 above.
A few issues with the monitors that came with them, the whole kit is refurbished. I can't complain though. They served me well for the money spent and are still kicking. I'll post the specs for anyone interested in a few minutes when I get back in front of the computer. I'm sitting on my back porch right now looking at some of my old threads.

edited later to add...
QuoteHP8000 series Ultra-Slim Desktop
Intel Core2 Duo 64 bit CPU @3.00 GHz
It doesn't seem to actually be running @ 3.00 GHz though. Seeme a little 'tired'.
I ordered two of the same computers. They both had all the neccesities included, wired mouse & keyboard, and 1280x1024 monitors.
For $130ish USD a piece plus tax and shipping.
The other computers I mentioned in this thread have all kicked the bucket in one way or another.


Chris Titus has a utility HERE to debloat win 10. It can clear some processes that are not required etc.
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Quote from: Shintaro on October 06, 2022, 09:39:17 PM
Chris Titus has a utility HERE to debloat win 10. It can clear some processes that are not required etc.
'The Windows Club' also has a very similar tool which I had used. But no tool can remove the fact that Windows 10 is a POS OS. I have long since reverted back to Windows 7, and removed all of the problems that Windows 10 is.  :biggrin: 
Some people use and even like Windows 10/11. Well, good for them. I won't stop them or criticize then for using it. I wish them the best. They can have the 'Metro' interface and all of the Metro Apps. My computer runs programs. Apps are for dumb phones.  :tongue:  Oh, and tablets. Almost forgot.