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Ok here we go again, Linked List

Started by Jbarrera, April 07, 2018, 03:33:44 AM

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Hello all, I have a few questions maybe someone can help me with.
** 1st - while this is not really an kip irvine question....I am limited to his material only. I cannot use any of the fancy stuff in MASM32
**2nd - If my questions sound retarded it's because they are, they say there are no such things as stupid questions....but I think there are, I ask most of them.

I am trying to build a linked list, I have never tried and this is my 1st time.
is there another way to make or simulate a linked list besides doing something like this?

    NodeData DWORD ? ; the node's data
    NextPtr DWORD ? ; pointer to next node
ListNode ENDS

I have a file that I have read into a buffer in my program.
The data file looks like this:

Joe     80
Billy    78
Jerry   60
Amy   100

I would like to use the stack and address references to access values indirectly.
I have to sort the data and put it in a linked list in grade order from least to greatest.

The other problem is that I don't know how I would save the name and grade individually.

Thanks for any feedback


Hi Jbarrera,
                  you may see this (Linked List Database)


Wow, that is a really nice write-up, it really is. I see that you are not a fan of the Irvine is my first-semester taking assembly and That's all I have to work with
you are including in your asm program


all I've been using is
for all my programs,

it's not like I can walk up to my professor and tell him, hey why don't you start using the, right?

Your program is a Ferrari, yet I can't even drive.
Don't give me wrong, I read your program, it's really nice, it's just way over my head.


Quote from: Jbarrera on April 08, 2018, 01:34:46 PM
it's not like I can walk up to my professor and tell him, hey why don't you start using the, right?

That is exactly what you should do :t

QuoteYour program is a Ferrari

Don't exaggerate. To put things in proportion:


Hi JBarrera
    You have records of Name+Grade. So define a ListNode struct for name, for grade and for pointer to next node. Define a buffer - an array (a database) - for N records and format it first. After this you know where to put the next record (Name and Grade). Next you call a procedure to adjust the pointer to the next node ... The database needs to have (at least) a variable that points to the first record and a variable to point where to put the next record.
Think about it.
Good luck  :t

EDIT: Taking your example we may have this:

FirstRecord   dd 3        ; first is record 3
AllocRecord   dd 5       ; put next into record 5

LkdDatabase  dd  4                 ; Record 1   -> next is record 4
                     dd 80                ; grade
                     db "Joe       ",0  ; name
                     dd  1                 ; Record 2     -> next is record 1
                     dd 78
                     db "Billy     ",0
                     dd  2                  ; Record 3       -> next is record 2
                     dd 60
                     db "Jerry     ",0
                     dd 0                    ; Record 4       -> 0=> this is the last
                     dd 100
                     db "Amy       ",0
                     dd 6                    ; Record 5        -> next to alloc is record 6
                     dd 0
                     db "          ",0

In this example we use indexes, not pointers. We may save the variables and the database to a file and we may alloc memory and load it again from file to memory and it works correctly.
When we fill in the record 5 we move the index 6 to the variable AllocRecord. The last value must be 0. If AllocRecord is 0 when we try to alloc a new record it means that the Database is full. FirstRecord must start with 0 which means that there are no records. AllocRecords starts with 1.