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ModernUI_DesktopFace example TrumpBot

Started by fearless, September 24, 2018, 12:01:50 PM

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Had this example lying round for a bit in early test versions, which I showed to my daughter who thought it was funny. So decided to tidy it up and use it with the ModernUI_DesktopFace control properly. I'd created a version for my daughter previously with her face that would popup on the desktop and her saying random things that we recorded.

I've only tried it on my Win 7 x64 pc, so dont know how it will work on other OS's. Also probably some tidying up could be done with the control, as I've noticed occasionally some odd flickering when hiding, or when clicking whilst the hiding animation starts, or double clicking sometimes the hide animation resets itself - minor things i think - anyhow hope you all enjoy it. Also watch you dont accidentally launch some icons on your desktop as your clicking on trump's face as he moves about.


Hi fearless,

Win10 Ent x64, everything works as it should, very funny program!


Hi Fearless!

Work well in 7-32. Just size of tooltip don't take in count font size.

Very funny :biggrin:

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