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ModernUI_ProgressDots Control

Started by fearless, July 31, 2018, 06:32:30 AM

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I had wanted to do a control based on the windows phone dots. After some searching I came some references to a performanceProgressBar control set to inderminate. I couldn't find a lot on this type of control or how it might be created. But after some time thinking about how it could be implemented, I decided to try and create one, and decided I would call it ProgressDots.


The control can be downloaded via the ModernUI repository or downloaded directly from this link:


I created an example project to demonstrate it. A clone of a visual studio installer type thing called Radasm Studio :D

The example (which includes a Radasm project) can be downloaded via the ModernUI repository or downloaded directly from this link:

Here is a gif to give an idea of how it looks:

Also I updated the ModernUI_CaptionBar control to allow a background image - which is in the demo.


Don't work!! It's not installing nothing  :biggrin:

Equations in Assembly: SmplMath


Quote from: HSE on July 31, 2018, 08:11:52 AM
Don't work!! It's not installing nothing

Don't worry!! is not actually visual studio... :P



I have added another demo that expands on the fake installer to show a few more of the ModernUI controls, mainly the ModernUI_SmartPanel.

If you press cancel or x whilst its "preparing", the panels move back to show you a cancel confirmation panel. If you hit no, then panel slides back to what it was doing before.
After some time (5secs) of "preparing" it will auto slide to next page to allow user to "choose" component installation (nothing actually there). Then its next or cancel button, cancel slides back to confirm cancel panel etc, next moves on to finish page. On the finish page x will close, so will finish button - no sliding back to confirm at that stage.

During testing, due to thread stuff, it was possible for the panels to act odd, move to the wrong one, glitch out slightly etc. I hope its fixed, fingers crossed, but im sure if someone really wanted to use it as an installer they could probably do a much better job of structuring it all and make the thread stuff work better.

The fake installer now does a little more, but sadly still no installations actually happen ;-)