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Low overhead custom window design.

Started by hutch--, November 10, 2018, 07:45:34 PM

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I have been playing with a window design that gives back the capacity to make your own title bars of any size, any colour and with the caption aligned as left, centre or right complete with a simple custom control that will put buttons on either left or right of the title bar. The system is basically designed for fixed size windows that have either no border or a single pixel border.

This example uses an equate at the top of the source that can adjust the height of the title bar which is also used for the simple custom button control and uses a formula to scale the chosen font so that it fits both the title bar and the custom buttons. The button can be set with a user defined colour and a choice of a border or not.

Instead of relying on the latest new fangled DLL hell library or directX or whatever, it is build using truly ancient API capacity so its small and fast, just like assembler code should be.