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Easy code layout management

Started by Thegeorge, April 21, 2019, 07:25:19 AM

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Hi, first post to this forum so please excuse any ignorance.
Does anybody know of any layout management library software for the visual mode of Easy Code, or something akin to .net docking


Hi Thegeorge,

Pleased to meet you.

I am sorry but Easy Code has been made to work with assembler compilers/linkers and has nothing to do with
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Thank you for your reply.
I understand that Easy Code is for working in assembly code. Having tried out a few examples and played around with the tool a bit, I noticed that the background code in the visual mode does not seem to provide any support for component layout when a window is resized.
I was asking if any code is available, or perhaps being developed, that provides some layout management for Easy Code.


Thanks for your interest, but I am afraid there is nothing available to fit your needs.

At the moment, the EC visual mode works with MS Common Controls (comctl32). If you need any other special feature, you must build the appropiate component. On the other hand, the windows or controls resizing must be managed by the programmer with the WM_SIZE message. That is assembler, the lowest level programming language.
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Quote from: Thegeorge on April 22, 2019, 05:31:44 PM... does not seem to provide any support for component layout when a window is resized.

Do you mean a behaviour as in the attached window & controls demo? Below the relevant code defining control positions:

  GuiControl BigEdit, "richedit", wCL$(), y0+50, h1000-50        ; y at fixed 50px, h at full height minus 50px
  GuiControl Status, "statusbar", wCat$(wDate$+", "+wTime$)      ; GuiControls require Unicode
  GuiControl Static, "static", "I'm a static control", x1000-78, w0+78, h0+36, bcol RgbCol(255, 222, 222)
  GuiControl SmallEdit, "edit", "Try the 'Open' menu", bcol RgbCol(255, 255, 99), h0+40, w1000-80, font -24


Ok thanks for the replies.

The project i have in mind has a need for certain controls to be repositioned/resized when the parent window changes size. If that needs to be done in the program code rather than the controls/window, that's fine.

Kind regards


You are welcome!

Download the attached simple example of a 32-bit MASM project and see the WM_SIZE message, where the Edit control is resized according to the size of the parent window.
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Thanks rsala, I can see the principle. Side note: Need to set the Editbox Multiline property to TRUE in order for the text to wrap. Which is probably want you would want to do in a real use. Nevertheless very helpful. Thank you very much.


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