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QE version 4m Update.

Started by hutch--, July 30, 2019, 03:52:48 AM

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With thanks to all who have helped in tracking a very obscure bug introduced by Win 10, this version seems to have solved the problem of selecting a word at the start of a line by double clicking on the word with the mouse and getting the preceding CR as well. With yet another work around for Microsoft introduced bugs, the trick was to get the character range of the word, set it to the last character to defeat the Microsoft over-ride then set the correct range with the default code that has always worked correctly.

QE scans backwards from the caret position testing characters in a pre-built 256 char table, when it encounters a character that is not in the table, it record the position of the first acceptable character then scans forward to get the last acceptable character. This data is loaded into a CHARRANGE structure and the selection is set in the editor.

Tested over the last couple of days I can't get it to make the error any longer so its probably OK. For any with the patience, Richedit 3 has always been a very useful version as long as you can produce enough work arounds to avoid its bugs. This is another work around to add to the collection.    :biggrin:  :skrewy:


In response to hutch's dismay that I still use the qeditor version from the Masm32 SDK v. 11 download (qeditor v 4.0g), I will use and test this version 4.0m.  :biggrin:  I'm quite certain it will be a fine editor. Thank you hutch for all your hard work over the years to make qeditor one of the best editors for assembly coding. Often imitated, never duplicated; even though I've tried replicating some of its functionality ...  :tongue:   ... with mixed results. I've pretty much given up on that venture ... it was a lot of phun though.  :toothy:
Later (edited) Found a later version 4.0n in The Windows 10 version of the Masm32 SDK... is this the latest version?
regards, zedd.  :azn: