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Updated app to stabilise shaky video

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I used the earlier version as a prototype for this next one where you can adjust the settings which it remembers between uses.

Here is the Youtube test piece for its output. All of the clips were unusuable footage that have been stabilised with this app that calls "ffmpeg".

Very good... :thumbsup:  but there go the swinging cans walking down the road...  :skrewy:

thanks mate :skrewy:

Ported this to linux x86-64, gtk3, uasm.

Excellent, ffmpeg is a great tool and having a decent interface for it makes it a lot easier to use.  :thumbsup:

The version h264vid.exe is the one I use the most as it controls the bitrate, sharpening/smoothing and video size.

Great work, Steve.

I´ll take a look, right now :)


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