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Slush Alert Southern Ontario CANADA

Started by herge, February 20, 2013, 02:08:18 AM

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 Hi Rubber Duck Fans:

It's yucky we have very wet slushy snow it's almost
pure water and very heavy it was raining before nine am.
It's stopped raining and about 2°C in Waterloo.
We had a hol on Monday Feb 18 2013.
It's a provincial hol but not a federal one so the Post Man
came on Monday. They must have a weak union?
Post union is ready to strike at a drop of a hat.
we also had a steam engine at WT2 i e Waterloo Town
Square. The train went up to Elmira Ontario. It also caused
a minor traffic jam when it crossed Caroline and Erb.
Also BPR Bridgeport Road was closed because you can not
turn right as train is the way and ALL lights are red when
train crosses at a diagonal.
It don't happen often but they always have a flagman when
it crosses here or at King Street.

Yes I am a flanders and swann fan
I hope I spelt that wright?

Another slushy day!

Wednesday, February, 27, 2013 07:31:29 AM

Regards herge

Regards herge
Read "Slow Death by Rubber Duck"
for chemical Laughs.


Nice .....
I hate Toronto....
I will trade you !
Your code and your skills will be assimilated. Your programming language is irrelevant.
We are the ASM Borg and you will become part of us. Compile and be assembled.