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Image and video viewer

Started by jj2007, May 21, 2020, 10:25:56 PM

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Attached a simple but fast image viewer. It handles animated GIF and multiframe TIFF images, too.

- use the mousewheel to zoom in and out
- arrow left/right move the (zoomed) image
- same for Shift arrow up/down
- arrow up/down selects the next image

It plays videos, too: arrow right starts the play, arrow left stops it. Arrow up/down is for speed.

This was built with the latest MasmBasic of 21 May 2020.


Works OK here, did you use some form of smoothing filter on it ? I tested it with a 64k JPG.


No special filter, just ordinary gdiplus.


Creative coders use backward thinking techniques as a strategy.


Hi Jochen,

Works fine on Windows 10 64-bit. :thumbsup:



I should have added, the zooming technique is very impressive.


Thanks, Hutch :thumbsup:

What I find more impressive is how fast it loads, and how fast it displays images. Or rather: I am deeply impressed by the extreme slowness of the official Micros**t viewer. What is their secret, how can they slow down so much a simple viewer that doesn't even use the anti-aliasing of GdiPlus?