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Lossless compression competition

Started by jj2007, June 19, 2020, 08:16:52 AM

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QuoteMy name is Maxim Smirnov, and I'm contacting you on behalf of the Moscow State University Graphics & Media Lab. You're receiving this email because you're registered on the forum and maybe even write posts there from time to time.

It's official: a new contest for lossless data compression has arrived—the Global Data Compression Competition.

This event targets developers and owners of lossless compression software (compressors). This year, it will cover text data, images, mixed data from executable files, and small-block compression. Winners will receive substantial monetary prizes and formal awards. The total prize pool this year is 50,000 EUR. Your submissions are welcome until November 20.

The competition will be conducted by the Moscow State University Graphics & Media Lab and is sponsored by Huawei.

Check out the competition website to learn more

The topic for this competition is here.


Looks great  :thumbsup:. I wish good luck to all those from this forum (masm forum) who will try to win the contest  :thup:


Nice. One needs a solid knowledge of maths to develop new compression algos.