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Frankie's SDK for PellesC

Started by Vortex, May 10, 2020, 10:50:59 PM

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Frankie's Software Development Kit providing additional header files to update Pelles C :

QuoteThis is a challenging project targeting the port of the last complete MS SDK to pellesC.

The collection of headers is actually composed of 1381 headers. Many of them are a replacement for outdated headers. The vast majority are completely missing from actual distribution.

PellesC is an excellent compiler suite for windows, it is fully compliant with C99 and C11 standards, but still compatible with MS language extension, allowing it to compile native MS code.

The distribution includes the most relevant, and most common headers, enough to compile almost all projects. This is by design to keep the compiler suite extremely compact, fast to download, space saving when installed and even easily portable.

But despite its size it is very powerful, able to compile complex projects and advanced code. Anyway to make the PellesC compiler suite core able to deal with nowadays sources available around, that makes use of functions and interfaces that are not in the actual distribution, it needs the full set of headers and libraries.

This installer will made them available in the compiler include\win directory to let you use them in your programs, including fGdiPlusFlat.h to use GDI+ under plain 'C'.