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High heat produced during cloning

Started by Magnum, July 07, 2020, 06:51:35 AM

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My computer was doing an image save of my hard drive to a second hard drive. (Clonezilla)

My temp monitor program can not  be run during the cloning process.

I have done that many times.

But I heard some unusual sounds coming from my computer case.

So I took off one of the side panels and could feel some heat that seemed uncharacteristically high.

I put a thermometer in and it read around 100 degrees F.

After the process, the temp went to around 80 degrees.

Do I need to be concerned?

Does 2 hard drives churning away generate a lot of extra heat?

Take care,




Sounds like the case is not properly ventilated, make sure there are no blocked vents in and out of the case and if it has case fans, make sure they are working properly. Data transfer between 2 disks should not produce any serious temperature rises, usually heat if from your CPU and possible the video card.


I checked and all fans are running and vents are pretty clear.
Take care,