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RIP my spare Linux box.

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Had it up running perfectly for a while last week, turned it on this morning and its stone dead. Fans come on and the power light but it will not boot, the BIOS does not come up and the monitor says no signal. I changed the video card but no change. All I can think of is the old Intel desktop board has given up the ghost. I may be able to use the Core2 9650 as an ear ring are something similar.

I am waiting on a board to arrive from Hong Kong, a socket 2011-3 and bought another Haswell E/EP so when it all turns up I will have a dedicated "grunter" to pass of various forms of processing to but at the moment I will just have to suffer 2 Windows boxes and a Linux storage box.

Hi Hutch,

Sad to hear about the hardware failure. Linux is more tolerant of hardware changes, you have chances to boot the system after the motherboard replacement. Plus, no need to worry about license activation.

I had a quick play with an even older board that has 4 gig of DDR2 and got it to work after I changed the CPU to the Core2 Quad 9650 but its a waste of time, I cannot think of a use for a combination that old. Looks like I will have to wait until the new board turns up. The next one will be a Win10 64 box, I already have the OS ready for it.

My NAS box with Linux Mint 19.3 on it has very little loaded into it and its on a later i7 860 and a Gigabyte board so it may be the best bet for having a decent properly set up Linux box.

This one that just died was to perform a specific task which it did well, it has 2 removable disk caddies so I could copy one disk to another without having to open a case and pull the disks out. Something like the best laid plans of men and mice.  :eusa_boohoo:

I was lucky today, I rang some old friends who run a computer shop that I have been dealing with for more than 20 years and asked if they had any old gen 4 motherboards. They had even better, they had a new one that they kept as a spare for any customers who had a faulty board. I already owned an i5 3.2 gig 4 core, 4 thread CPU so that was at no extra cost and I had bought a funny looking 6 pipe air cooler that went on OK,

I swapped the 8 gig of DDR3 from the old board with 16 gig from my other Linux box so it has 16 gig on board, a graphics card I bought on eBay with 2 DVI ports and plugged in one of the disks at random which just happened to be the Linux boot disk so I did not have to install it all again.

No hurry but it would be easy enough to look around for a faster i7 if it needs a bit more grunt but this i5 is already faster than the old 3 gig Core2 so there is no great need.

Had similar problems with my mobo of many years.
Told me a 8GB dram module had failed, but I kept the module.
Then it told me the graphics card was dead... mann!! I was crying.
Some where in the freight this mobo died on me as it was dead as a DoDo here.

So on this side I had to find an LGA1150 mobo that could take 32GB DDR3 dram.. eventually got one cheapish and now I'm back with 32GB dram (that ram module was OK)
Still crying about my graphics card.. seems like it's pooked.


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