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Last new box (I hope).

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My main dev box is now over 4 years old and while it works perfectly, building another makes sense. This board has just turned up from Hong Kong, a socket 2011-3 with 4 channel memory, NVME support and plenty of SATA and USB3 ports.

I am waiting on an i7 from West Australia to turn up, another Haswell E/EP i7 5820k and have ordered 4 x 16 gig 2400 modules so when it all arrives I can power it up and see if it all works OK. You can get a bit tired of building hardware but as my main box has been running perfectly for over 4 years, if you do it right, you get reliable performance for a long period.

I sincerely hope it will not be your last new box, Hutch. Remember your life expectancy is around 90 years - we count on you :cool:

He he, I have ambitions of making 150 but I will be potty enough over 100 if I don't make it that it won't matter much.

I know my way around building computers but you can get tired of it when my real use of computers is writing code. I am just hoping there are no problems with this new board from China or I will have to go look for another one and socket 2011-3 boards are as rare as hens teeth in OZ.

Nice!  :thumbsup:
That thing will have grunt  :dazzled:

Nice that you have an LED display, makes it easier to keep tabs on things.
Sorry, what's the mobo name and manufacturer - cannot see it on there.

Its an obscure Chinese board that I hope is fully functional, the best I could get off it was a part number and that tracked down a few equally obscure references but at least the board seems to have the right facilities on it. I get the memory on Monday and the processor is supposed to turn up middle of next week.

I will learn the good news or the bad news once I put it together and test it, at the worst, I may have to hunt up an x99-sli board that will keep me poor for a while.


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