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Unusual result with over clocking a 4770k


This is my win 64 box, an Intel 4770k in a gigabyte board. I had a play with the processor memory frequency in the BIOS, rebooted it and it immediately crashed on reboot. Restarted the box and it went into Win7 recovery mode so I set it to start windows normally and it booted fine. It was running at 3.5 gig before I did the BIOS mod, checked it after slightly changing the memory timing and its now running at 4.1 gig but the strange thing is the temperature dropped from high 20c range down to 19 - 20c and it appears to be stable.

I would have expected it to increase temperature so I am left with a question, WTF is happening. Machine runs great but I don't know why.

It's difficult so far to answer but i find that the new temperature found is suspicious.
Perhaps it's the measurement who is wrong,too bad.
Before overclocking,ask you a question,DID I really need it ?.
Overclocking decrease the time life of a computer.

Ain't like it matters any more, it would do simple benchmarks but I gave the the "thrash the guts out of it" test and it stopped so I had to set the BIOS back to its original default settings. Sad to say its not a very nice BIOS, hard to configure, half of it does not work and I have the latest BIOS update installed on it.


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