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The box, finished !

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This has been a reasonably tedious box to build, board was a pain to get going with having to flash the BIOS. Apart from a 4 hole USB face plate its finished, working correctly and performs well. A legacy device, its pointed at being a work horse, not a show pony. The can is a bit smaller than I like but managed to shoehorn 5 HDDs and one SSD into it. Future mods when I have some spare cash is another 64 gig of memory and perhaps an NVMe drive for where I need fast loading.

For your pleasure.  :tongue:

Hi Hutch,

congratulations on the completion of the project! What kind of thermal paste did you use?

The latest version of Arctic Silver. The old (10 years old) version always worked well so when it eventually ran out I bought a couple of syringes of the new stuff. There is a trick though, instead of a tiny dab in the middle, use enough to coat both processor and heat sink then put them together with a little bit of wiggle to seat it properly then screw it all down. I still use my finger.  :biggrin:

I used ic diamond at my own risk. Experts say it can corrode the surface.

--- Quote ---Contains 92% Purified synthetic diamond micronized Diamond, a natural thermal superconductor with a conductivity of 2,000-2,500 W/mK compared to 406-429 W/mK for pure silver
Will not pump or bake out when properly used and is neither Non capacitive or electrically conductive. C of C available on Request
--- End quote ---

I have seen some of the guys on Youtube use what they call liquid metal but it is suppose to be corrosive. I tend to take a safe route that I am familiar with and the Arctic Silver has been super reliable for years. I have taken off a heat sink that I put on 10 years ago and it has not baked hard, is easy to get off and non corrosive.

I am clocking these 3.3 gig i7 5820s at 3.8 and the temperature is very low with a decent cooler so I don't have much to gain by using a technique that I am not familiar with. Have you done any comparative testing with what you are using ? On highly over clocked processors I have seen results of 5 to 10c reduction but it often is related to de-lidding a processor first as the junction between the core and the lid is critical.

I have even seen for sale pure copper replacement lids and I gather they are more efficient. I had a look at the link and it looks like interesting stuff, would like to see some tests done on CPUs.


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