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Tuned up the old box.


With the new one up and running I pulled the old one I use out to have a look at its guts, de-dusted everything I could find then dismantled the rear radiator to find it full of dust so I cleaned it out with a dry paint brush then blew the junk in the radiator core out the put it back together with a different fan.

With it all back together I ran the same test on the same set of video files with reasonable results. Pre clean test saw the max core temp just over 80c, after the cleanup, identical test just topped 70c so it was worth the effort.

The new box has a double fan radiator in the top of the can and it runs the same tests about 15c cooler than the old box so it looks like I will have to find a better thermal solution than the current one.

Its unusual to be able to do tests on what are close enough to identical computers, the new one has faster memory but a near identical board and an identical CPU.


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