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NeHe Tutorial in masm64

Started by Mikl__, August 06, 2020, 12:55:45 PM

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32.- After a while playing with it, it hangs up and disappears suddenly
35.- Doesn' work
37.- It works ok to me



   Number 24 does not work for me.  A warning
about executing it and then nothing.  Windows 8.1
and 10.



Lesson #31: Model Loading

This tutorial will teach you how to load in and display texture mapped Milkshape3D models. This tutorial is quite advanced so make sure you understand the previous lessons before you attempt the code in this tutorial.

There are asm\exe-files, data folder with wood.bmp and model.ms3d files and cursor in the attachment.


Hi, Mikl, works fine here  :thumbsup:


Not interested? You'll write about it, please


Quote from: Mikl__ on April 10, 2021, 09:19:41 AM
Not interested? You'll write about it, please

Dear Mikl,

What you are doing is fantastic :thumbsup:

There are two main reasons why people don't answer your posts:
1. Busy chasing their bugs :sad:
2. They have no hope to catch up with you :tongue:

(I plead guilty for 1+2)

Keep up the good work, we are watching in awe :thumbsup:


Quote35 can't work
Hi, All!
Is there the file movie0.avi in the same folder as the file tut_40-35.exe?


Hi Mikl__!

Binary work perfectly here in Win7  :thumbsup:
Equations in Assembly: SmplMath


Hi, HSE!
I checked tut_40-35.exe in Win7 and Win10, the program worked in both. But the rest are silent and I do not know whether the program works for them or does not work


tut_40-35 seems that doesn't work to me. I put "movie0.avi" in the same folder, execute it, and appears a black window that close and dissapears. W10.


Hello, All!
Can anyone please help me? I need a exe-file from NeHe 30th lesson compiled in x64 mode, best with optimization off.
Thank you so much for your support!


This one resist a little.
I get  VS2019 using the C:\WinDDK\7600.16385.1\lib\win7\amd64:
3 externes not solved
Erreur   LNK2001   symbole externe non résolu _Init_thread_epoch   NeheLesson30   H:\VC_directory\vc_nehe_lesson\Lesson30\Lesson30.obj   1   
Erreur   LNK2019   symbole externe non résolu _Init_thread_footer référencé dans la fonction "int __cdecl CreateGLWindow(char *,int,int,int,int)" ..
Erreur   LNK2019   symbole externe non résolu _Init_thread_header référencé dans la fonction "int __cdecl CreateGLWindow(char *,int,int,int,int)" (?
CreateGLWindow@@YAHPEADHHHH@Z)   NeheLesson30   H:\VC_directory\vc_nehe_lesson\Lesson30\Lesson30.obj   1   

Help to find those ones is needed

Fa is a musical note to play with CL


Here is asm-files generated with msvc 2013
May the source be with you


Friends, thank you so much!
Timo, kiitos paljon!


Lesson #30: Collision Detection

In this tutorial you will learn the basics of collision detection, collision response, and physically based modelling effects. This tutorial concentrates more on how collision detection works than on the actual code, although all of the important code is explained. It's important to note, this is an ADVANCED tutorial. Don't expect to read through the tutorial once and understand everything about collision detection. It's a complex topic, and this tutorial will only get you started.

There are asm\bmp\exe-files and cursor in the attachment

  • pressing "Arrow Up/Down" ― increases/decrease the z-variable and moves the room towards/away from the viewer
  • pressing "Arrow Left/Right" ― room rotation to the left/right
  • pressing F2 ― toggle on/off sound
  • pressing F3 ― the camera view changes and a (the ball with index 0 in the array) ball is followed. For making the camera following the ball we used its position and velocity vector to position the camera exactly behind the ball and make it look along the velocity vector of the ball.
  • pressing "+"/"-" key on the numeric keypad ― increase/decrease balls speed