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An RX 580 video card just arrived


I am not spending money on cafe latte's, no good looking blondes and so on so I spend it on computer parts. I already have an RX 580 in another box and its a good performer but sad to say I had to pay retail for this one. In OZ dollars it arrived complete with shipping from Melbourne at about $340 AUD which I guess is reasonable these days for a close enough to high performance video card.

I am still fascinated by guys who will spend a couple of grand on a later video card or in SLI comfiguration, 4 video cards, that's enough money to buy yourself a car but my computer usage is somewhere between a large work station and a server and gaming style video is not among my highest demand. On the up side, TightVNC is a lot more responsive when both boxes have decent video cards.

Gaming has contributed a number of useful things to work station style computers, decent quiet cooling solutions at reasonably low prices and good quality video for almost any task, the CAD folks benefit from this stuff as well as general purpose computing.

I plonked it into my Win7 64 box where it is "on loan" until I get some of the toys that are still being shipped from China via Singapore.

I have just done an unusual test on 96 video MP4 files by splitting the list into 3 close enough to equal data volume then using an app interface I have posted called BatchPro and ran all 3 computers in parallel writing to the same drive on my main box. The two Haswell 5820k 6 core boxes both finished their files in just over 10 minutes, the i7 4770k being 4 core took about 14 minutes but the combined results were finished in 14 minutes which is reasonable for 96 files that totalled about 7.5 gig of 1080 footage.


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