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I am now the proud owner of an Intel xeon 8 core processor

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Arrived today and only took 8 weeks to get here from Singapore. Now if I live long enough for the next order of a board, processor and memory, I may even be able to test it out.  :tongue:

Hi Hutch,

That's nice. What will be the service of this new computer? Programming or some other heavy task?

Hi Erol,

I am first looking for a test bed to experiment with these xeon processors that you can get in China at very low cost. What I have in mind is a high core count version that is suitable for processing multi thread operations with tasks like video encoding. With ffmpeg you can saturate every code in a processor at between 95 - 100% and with more cores, you process more data more quickly.

This one that has just arrived is a E5-2640V3 8 core that runs at frequencies of 2.6 to 3.4 gig but there are 12 core versions that run at similar frequencies that have massive throughput on multi core capable software. The series I am interested in use a socket 2011-3 so with one board setup I can test many different xeon and some i7 processors.

My middle aged i7 5820k is a socket 2011-3 and it has performed very well for about 4 and a half years so I built a close to identical one but with the xeon's I am looking for high processing grunt for video processing tasks that I can run remotely and write the results to my main machine.

I think if you are careful and hunt around, you can build reasonably high powered computers at a reasonable price with Chinese boards and xeon processors, far cheaper than you can build a similar capacity machine from normal retail prices. This stuff is very popular with the Russian guys who have done a lot of good work with mods and overclocking with this combination of parts.

sounds like a great machine Hutch :thumbsup:
have you tried any memoryhungry,cpu hungry Cg apps on mulitcore?


Yes, that's why you put a lot of memory into the box. On recent hardware with Win10 64, 64 gig works well. I just paid for another copy of Win10 professional retail so I have an OS for the next box.


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