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I am now the proud owner of an Intel xeon 8 core processor

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Does it have avx512 and/or 32 xmm/ymm regs?
Any avx512 example program in mind for masm64 package?

You will have to wait until Intel tidy up AVX512 but Haswell series CPU's handle SSE, AVX and AVX2 so you are not missing much.

Since I did this post, I built some time ago a 12 core, 24 thread Xeon that on all threads runs at 3 gig on a very good Gigabyte board with all the normal googie bits and I use it for high thread count video processing. Its a nice enough box to use, fast and responsive with a Xeon e5-2690 v3 and it really hoots on high thread count work. My old i7 runs at 4 gig so its a bit faster on less than 6 core, 12 thread tasks.

I want to write some avx or avx2 example
I also want to write something that shows advantages of many GB ram/many threads in 64bit , on mine I can test on less than 20gb,in 32bit 3.5gb/24threads gets crippled,so you max can use lot fewer threads

Congrats thay uber master of all. Hate the fact you have to wait for actual implementation. Have a delta 3d printer on order since the 3rd of July scheduled for delivery in a month or more. So I am going to be more than surportive on that front. Be well all in this crazy time


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